Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Features And Benefits Of The FitFlop Shoes

From England, to the United States, FitFlops have gained a huge following and a great reputation. I first heard about them while watching Oprah and eating a bag of chips. I saw one of the models wearing them and thought they were really cute looking. They mentioned that they were not your typical fashion shoe, but a fitness tool as well. Good for the body, and promoting more calorie burn. I was intrigued. I want a more healthy body, how about you? Then this sandal might be the ticket.

Dr. David Cook and Darren James at the Center for Human Performance at LSBU were given the task of developing a flip flop sandal that increased the work output of the muscles of the lower leg. The result lay in the sole construction. So they set about developing a sandal with differing sole densities and an unstable base, forcing the body to find its own natural balance. The sole they developed is the patent pending microwobbleboard sole. As the foot moves through the walk cycle, the lower leg muscles must be used more extensively to retain stability. The final product became this sandal.

What was found is that this technology created more toned legs and calves. But in addition to this, the soles actually help capture some of the shock that would normally be placed on the body while walking. This, in turn, helps reduce the amount of stress placed on the knees and hips. All this while also aiding you to burn more calories and improve your posture.

I love the fact that you can get a small workout while wearing these. It saves a lot of time and money. I can skip the gym for a workout and just wear these. While I shop, walk on the beach, walking anywhere i go, i can get a small workout and help build the muscles in my legs. Nice proposition.

I have paged through advertisements for other fitness shoes and been discouraged, not by the claims, but the price. Some of them cost over $200. Ouch! But these sandals are much more reasonably priced. You can buy them online or in local stores for as little as $35. That's a big plus for most of us on a shoe-string budget.

So if you want a great workout, that's healthy for the body, and has a stylish look to them, give the FitFlop a test run.

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